The Group

The OZ Group was established in 2009. It is the result of the bringing together of 3 companies that were omnipresent in the world of shopping centres and distribution networks, each developing effective operational marketing solutions.

  • decoration, sales point design, promotional publishing, and retail events for Aladin and Côté Public,
  • festive events, edutainment workshops and artistic services for Galapagos
  • retail promotion, improvement of foot traffic, development of customer loyalty, sales promotion for Vitamin.

Bringing them together has allowed them to create the broadest multi-service platform on the market, with expertise in all the areas of operational marketing and services dedicated to the commercial performance of distribution networks.

By respecting a purely industrial logic, the OZ Group has been structured to develop throughout all of the transversal roles (management, administration and finance, sales departments, marketing, communication, research and development) in order to continue its development through internal growth and the creation of new areas of activity (Oziris, digital marketing in 2011) or through external growth.

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