The back to school period

In addition to the creation of a physical coupon booklet for the back to school period, the OZ Group now offers a comprehensive, innovative, digital system for the same purpose..

The idea is to make all the offers accessible to all shoppers, using various media that reach a wider target and that are adapted to new buying patterns driven by the use of mobile and digital media.

Overall system: standard distribution of paper coupon booklets • virtual coupon booklets terminals • website • mobile applications for the centre• QR codes affixed to the POS event.

Thanks to Vitamine’s publishing division, the OZ Group sources offers from a unique database based on the world of French shopping centres and the retailers associated with them.

Our marketing team is constantly collecting all the offers of the key retail players and our designers have the responsibility of getting them into the right form and then adapting them to the various media so as to enable their use in various forms of expression.

The “virtual coupon booklet” Terminal is an original Vitamine creation. It allows the shoppers in the centre to choose among all the offers, or the “sales offers” that interest them and to print them out immediately. The printed coupon is then presented in store soon to take advantage of the discount.

Coupled with a jackpot type game on the same terminal, with gift cards and goodies to be won as incentives.

Special offers are accessible via QR codes, websites and mobile applications centres. The shopper chooses their offer by flashing the offer’s QR code or by using an app or by going to the centre’s website.

The shopper chooses from the list of special offers that interest them and can present their “mobile” coupon in the store, choosing to receive it by SMS or email if they wish to use it later. They can also share special offers on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

On-site event advertising lists the special offers available in the centre and the shops that propose special offers

  • Common signage groups the offers available in the centre’s shops with their associated QR codes:
  • 2 metre tall triptych totem poles or stretched canvas structures
  • Individual, personalized signage for each retailer involved in the operation: A window flag or floor sticker with the specific QR code indicating the retailer’s special offer.